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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> adversary more willing to tests. more brazen in the attack and ally less willing. >> that's a bunch of ma larky. >> face off tonight. both men push back hard in tonight vice president debate. good evenin evening. this featured 2 washington veteran are very different style. democrat like the passion coming from biden. republicans say ryan was calm and looked presidential. even so the 90 minute exchange was punks waited by interruption and reinterruption. more now from karen. >> tonight debate lives up to the hype. both vice president biden and congressman ryan aggressively challenge the other ticket position. it began on faa foreign policy. last month attack on the american consulate in libya ryan slammed the administration for a slow response. >> it took the president two two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. >> with all due respect that's bunch of may larky.
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>> ryan said obama administration allowed iran to get closer to obtain ago nuclear weapon. >> because this administration has no credibility on this issue. >> these are the most crippling sanction ins the history of sanctions. >>reporter: president obama was criticized for being too passive in last week debate. vice president biden seemed determined not to make that same mistake. >> shouldn't be surprising for guy who says 47 percent of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own life. they pay more effective tax than governor romney pay ins his federal income tax. >>reporter: but ryan said ought become administration failed the middle class. >> we are going in the wrong direction. look where we are. the economy is barely limping along. >>reporter: side by side at the same table biden and ryan were not shy about directly engaging each other. sometimes with harsh attack sometimes with human oyvrment i think the vice president very well know that is sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean.
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>>reporter: with the poll tightening the president needs to fire up the base and romney needs to convert 2008 obama voters. in in kentucky they got strong performance from the running mate. this is danvill danville, kentucky. >> now the next presidential debate is town hall meeting next tuesday. october 16 at new york. citizens will ask questions of barack obama and mitt romney on foreign policy issues and domestic issues as well. >> developing news tonight. vallejo neighborhood under evacuation order as police search for explosives. bomb squad entered a home on georgia street and hart wood avenue. minutes ago they removed evidence bag from the home. they say they received a credible tip that somebody inside might be making explosives. earlier this evening police took a man at the home into custody though they did not arrest him. police say they found something inside that does concern them though they would not say if they found actual explosives. we have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you more
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information as soon as we get it. and on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. well, on to some sports. giants are coming home from cincinnati and getting ready for the national league championship series. [applause] fans at the public house at&t park in san francisco this morning reacting to posey 4th inning grand slam. game 5 today was thriller as the giants hung on for a 6-4 victory taking 3 straight in cincinnati to win the series. >> what happened here i couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guy whose come in here and do what they did. i men that's quite a task. it's going against all odds and found way to get it done. >> they sure d.incredible performance the last 3 games. is what next for the giants and what about the a's who are in action right now? larry sports director is here with both of those stories. great day for the giants. tough spot the a's are in. >> get to them in a second. the giants next move basically
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to wait and see whether they play washington or st. louis in the national league championship series. giants held on to win decisive game 5 today over the reds. pose were biggest hit of the day. 5th inning grand slam off starter previous giants killer mat. giants jumped out to 6 nothing lead then had to hang on for dear life because it was a 6-4 game in the 9th. and sergio romo striking out scott rowland to end with two men on base. giants become the first national league team to win division series after they had been trailing 2 games to none. reds hadn't lost 3 straight home games all year. until the giants beat them today. here's buster on his big bomb. >> really just told myself to see the ball and i was able to get a pitch in the zone and got the barrel on it and good things happen. >> it's hard to explain in words but you can just feel everyone really just coming together. everyone playing for
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each other. a lot of different personalities and we accept each other and go play for each other. >>reporter: giants get a couple days to relax now. national league championship series start on sunday if the national beat the cardinals in game 5 of the series then washington has home field and host first 2 games with the giants. if cardinals win the giants host the first 2 gyms and giants home feechltd as for the a's. they are in the 8th inning right now and detroit leading 6 to nothing. justin has struck out 10. he won the first game of the series with the tigers. and a's can not do anything against him tonight. >> that's too bad. not much time left obviously. >> always hope. >> we'll see. >> thanks very much. see you a little later on for all the sports no thunderstorms tonigh tonight. instead the bay area experiencing some isolated showers. spencer is here to pinpoint exactly is what happening on doppler radar. >> the showers becoming more and more isolated as we speak. live doppler 7 hd as you see things pretty quiet at the moment. still clouds around
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but virtually nothing showing up in the bay area in the way of precipitation. loop this way over the last 3 hours and we had extensive area of showers early in the evening but rotating around the center of the upper level low. that has proud instability and rotating out of the bay area right now. that doesn't mean we won't get another wave of showers later tonight but at the moment things pretty calm and dry. let's look at rainfall total over the last 12 hours. not much in the immediate bay area. san francisco/100ths of an inch. san jose 2 hundredths. monterey is a liens more. morgan hill the big winner with over tenth of an inch in the latter 12 hours. more tonight early tomorrow morning. more at the forecast in just a few minutes. >> okay spencer thank jew first time home buyers are at risk now of getting squeezed out of the market. how is that for a change? new study by the real estate web site sill 0shows lower price homes are now in short supply. central valley has seen biggest drop and bear down
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almost 60 percent in fresno. 55 percent in sacramento the supply fell almost that much in san francisco. nationally the drop only 15 percent. now the reason behind this cheaper homes. particularly for closed properties. they are being targeted by investors fixing them up and selling them or renting them out. in fact, foreclosure have taken a sudden nose dive to a 5 year low. cecelia tonight on what is suddenly a hot housing market. >> parker know if his this is the home for sher she better make an offer. these days houses are selling and selling fast. >> so we have looked at i don't know at least i want to say like 30 properties. >> so many you can't even re. >> yes a bidding war going on. >>reporter: that's right. bidding wars in some pockets of the country. >> kitchen. small kitchen. pretty much every listing of mine since the beginning of the year has had multiple offers. >>reporter: 73 bids on this california house alone. it sold in one week for nearly
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double the asking price. this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom news los angeles suburb only on the market for a couple of hours and already take a look at thi this. dozens of realtor have stopped by to scope out this property for their hungry clients. what is behind the sudden crush? fewer house force sale. compared to just a year ago foreclosure are down 16 percen percent. last time the numbers were this low was before the recession hit. those days of all those cheap homes driving down prices are ending. >> we have clearly hit the bottom and i think that's what everybody has been waiting for. >>reporter: but there's still a long way to go. many aren't moving because they owe too much on the more than and can't afford to sell at these prices. 6 years ago the median home price was about 230,000 dollar dollars. today it's just above 187,000. whether parker wins the bidding war or not, put a bid on this one. >> most likely yes. >>reporter: her eagerness to
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buy guess sign for homeowners wherever. abc news, los angeles. encouraging. there is growing divide in san francisco over the future of sheriff mirkarimi. some call for recall to remove the sheriff from office. on tuesday the board of supervisors voted not to uphold mirkarimi official misconduct charge at special meeting. the sheriff kept his job in that process. almost medley there was talk of recall effort. san francisco election officials say any recall will need 48,000 signatures in 160 days to go on ballot. no one has come to city hall to officially inquire about the process. mirkarimi goes back on his job next week. well the rift between san jose mayor and the police and fire union is growing tonight. union have been at war with mayor reid over pay cut an pension reform and now accusing him of breaking the law. david lieu has the latest from san jose. >>reporter: campaign mayoral
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would you expect to see with election over 3 weeks away. but they have caught the eye of the san jose police and fire union. they think they are being financed by what they consider an illegal transfer of 100,000 dollars from one independent campaign fund to another. >> on tuesday i spoke with 3 different campaign law attorneys and took them through these facts. all 3 of them saind givecly this is a clear violation of the law. >>reporter: so the union filed a complaint with the state fair political practice commission. the complaint single out mayor reid. they have been locking horns with him over 10% pay cut and pension reform to ease the city budget deficit. >> i would hope they would have enough integrity and say there has been a mistake. we did something wrong. we need to stop what's going on. >>reporter: mayor reid maintenance nothing illegal was done. >> transfers are allowed between committees. it's permissible. and so that's what was done. one committee to another. >>reporter: reid says there's a political agenda behind the
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complaint. union are they don't support. >> rose is part of very thin council majority. if they can take her out then they figure they can control the council and that's what this campaign in district 8 is about. control of the city council and whether or not these fiscal reforms im mr. memented. >>reporter: the union shared with the reporters your hono honoring hererra to respond but she said she didn't 7 it. not clear how quickly the council will respond to the complaint. one staff member in sacramento told me that review might not happen until after the electio election. this is abc 7 news. we have a lot more to bring enthusiastic thursday night. coming up. dangerous new hoax. s.w.a.t. team summon and all just a prank. 10,000 dollars in police cruiser confirm. kill the rest of the hots stages in 30 minutes. >> find out what is going on. >> also tonight. not a token
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amount. big chunk of change for san francisco central subway project that is coming in. >> also. magic or science? the myth buster tv series comes to san jose tech museum and answers some able old questions. >> popular breakfast cereal >> popular breakfast cereal bein
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zoo. >> this was bad. 5 people were injured one seriously in a multi-vehicle accident on east cocoa this morning. the 5 car crash happened about 7 in the morning between walnut boulevard and camino diablo. road shut down in both direction for more than 3 hours and drivers forced to use alternate routes. cause is under investigation. we have a warning tonight about a bizarre and dangerous new hoax. homes raided by swat teams in the middle of the night met there by pranksters making 911 call. happens hundreds office times a year but latest victim justin biebe bieber. here's nick watt. >> 911 call. man waving a gun near bieber l.a. home. helicopters and cruisers dispatched medley. but that call was a hoax. latest in a rash of so-called swatting. bogus 911 calls for crimes so potentially dangerous they
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trigger a s.w.a.t. team. >> i have a pistol and i swear to god i will kill these peopl people. >>reporter: colorado springs police reacted to that with heavy weapons drawn. they found 15-year-old kid just hanging out at home. >> come out of my room they have guns pointed at me. i'm like my god i'm going to die. >> they want to watch the thrill of it. it's a power thing. >>reporter: there are about 400 swatting incidents a year nationwide. costing an average 10,000 dollars each. they waste valuable police resourc resources. raise fear. 2 people have even reportedly suffered heart attack. >> i shot my wife. >>reporter: that was a swatter claiming to be erickson in atlanta radio host. s.w.a.t. team was dispatched to his door. erickson believes he was targeted because of his conservative politic. >> keep it up somebody will get killed.
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>>reporter: authorities try to fight back cracking down on those caught. teenager matthew recently sentenced to 11 years in jail. >> i want 10,000 collars and police cruiser confirm. i'll kill the rest of the hostages in 30 minutes. >>reporter: police reacted to that call in new jersey by firing tear gas in the house. there was no hostage situation. luckily only the cat was home. this is los angeles abc news. union city teenager has been arrested after police say she brought marijuana laced rice treats to school passed them out and got the classmates high. freshman brought the snack to school and gave them to classmates without telling them that they contained marijuana. in an effort to reduce crime and lower energy cost in oakland new energy efficient lighting will be installed along international boulevard, arthur boulevard and seminary avenue near 98 avenue and 73 avenue. muni 1.6 billion dollar
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central subway project just received a long waited chunk of federal dollars. local state federal officials were on hand today to announce 9 42 million dollars in federal grant money for the new subway. project leaders say the money finally secures full funding for the project construction. subway will extend muni underground service 1.6 miles and connect south of market area with china town. opponent say the project is just too expensive and it violates the city charter. well winter has officially reached mammouth mountain in northern california. look what we have here. look at that. snow showers in the area through the morning today. now if this keeps up it should be a good ski season. ski resorts open in less than a month. which is hard to pwlichlt it is hard to believe. >> spencer here with the forecast. >> yes. that snow triggered by the upper level low that triggered our whacky weather in the bay area. talked about it
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last night. snow on the ground. how about this. live view from the high definition roof top camera coyote tower displaying the giant color on their way to the national league championship series. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. see things calm down quite a bit from what we saw a little bit early in the evening. no clouds no precipitation on the radar scen so currently under calmer conditions than a few hours ago. temperatures in beautiful mainly upper 50's across the bay area. and forecast future. cloudy skies continuing overnight with chance of few sprinkles. partly cloudy partly sunny tomorrow afternoon and sunny warmer this he weekend. look at the satellite radar composite image. upper level low and unstable active weather to bay area and pushing through southern california right now. trigger some snow over the sierra and take closer look you can see here in the bay area we
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are in between impulse right now as the area of shower activity moved offshore and more wrapping around this low pressure system and counterclockwise fashion. more moisture on the way. that's why we could see more showers later tonight. start the forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and we see some scattered sprinkles occurring overnight into the early morning hours. wet spots. fe few. early morning commute then during the day tomorrow we see the showers dissipate giving way to mainly sunny skies in the afternoon hours and much calmer day. a little system will pass over the bay area north of the bay area i should say early saturday. could produce showers to our north. not likely to produce showers in the bay area by saturday afternoon. sunny sky and warmer conditions in the bay area. overnight tonight low pressure in the low mid 50's and again chance of more scattered isolated showers or sprinkles. tomorrow in the afternoon mainly dry. high pressure in the south bay. still well below the average for this time of the year. mainly mid 60's. 66 at cupertino san jose. mid 60's
9:22 pm
on the peninsula. 65 redwood city and palo alto. upper 50's to about 60 on the coast. downtown san francisco will see high of 62 tomorrow. 59 in the sun set district. up in the north bay again low to mid 60' 60's. not very mild. well below the average for this time of the year. east bay high score oakland. 65 union city. 66 fremont. inland east bay subpoena upper 60's mile egged region of the bay area. danville 68 livermore 69 antioch and monteray bay high in t t the low to mid 60's neare bay and just mid 60's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. start to warm-up over the wean. especially on sunday. high pressure climbing into the low 80's mid upper 80's midland midweek next week and quite summer like pleasant all through the week. not too late to win 49,000 dollars from abc 7. these people want the chance. benecia and walnut creek and san jose all entered the sweepstakes through the facebook page. winner
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announced right after the 49ers game here on the news next thursday october 18. you can enter too. just go to the our facebook and click the win 4 49,000 dollar button take you to the on line form where you enter the details for a chance to win 49,000 dollars. how exciting sthaichlt really exciting. can't wait to see who wins. dan e is eligible. dan a unfortunately not. >> spencer no way. >> still to come tonight. what a story we have. the boy with the big heart and big finish thanks to some help from a few good men. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues right news at 9:00 continues right here in
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>> center for disease control says more people than previously thought have received possibly tainted
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steroids injections and that 14,000 patients therefore could be at risk of contracting meningitis. 14 people are now dead and 176 sick in the outbreak. the shots linked to specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. warning tonight about a morning staple. kellogg mini wheat being recalled because of metal tiny bits of metal in the serial. recall affects both unfrosted mini wheat and original frosted version. well a touching moment during a triathalon in florida. an 11-year-old prosthetic leg broke before the finish. however he was in luck. there were a few strong arms who helped him cross the finish line. watch. [applause] 11-year-old boy had already completed swimming and biking portion of the race when the prosthetic leg broke. he
9:28 pm
tried to fix it but he just couldn't. group of marines hosting the race wasted no time picked him up as you can see and then roevd the back to the finish leg. he lost his leg when he was 6 years old to cancer. he plays soccer and basketball? what a nice moment. >> just ahead here tonight on 7 news. stern message. >> going behind close doors is not acceptable. it makes me sick. >> tough talk from people living in san bruno after the pipeline disaster. what they want from the state public utility commission. >> plus. our vice president finally getting some respect. lack at the role of being second in command in the moderner 8. popular coffee chain files for bankruptcy. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover,
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>> update the breaking news in vallejo. bomb squad detonated something they pulled from inside a home they were searching as i reported a few minutes ago. here's what we saw from the scene. now this just happened at home on georgia street and hard wood avenue. police received a credible tip somebody inside might be making explosives. took a man into custody. they have not formally arrested him, police did not say what they just detonated. evacuation order remains in the area. our crew will stay at the scene with police. stay with us on 7 news for any updates we'll bring you full report on this on the news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> mean time. victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion lashed out at state regulators today in particular criticize president michael for support ago delay in penalty hearings
9:33 pm
against pg&e. heather has the story. >> it has been more than two years since the san bruno pipeline explosion. there have been a number of investigation investigations. and reports from a variety of agencies. some victims have settled civil suchlts others are st scheduled to good to trial in jap. but the cpuc has not yet decided how much pg&e should be fined for violations related to the san bruno accident. cross examination of pg&e witness in the penalty hearings was supposed to happen this week. but that is now delayed. possibly cancelled all together to concentrate on settlement instead. today san bruno residents told the cpuc what they think of that. >> after learning about this week where the hearings have been pulled from the public eye it makes me sick. >>reporter: renee morales daughter jessica was killed in the fire. >> going behind closed doors. haas is not acceptable. >>reporter: commission president michael blasted back. >> i do think that all of you
9:34 pm
who are connected to or care about san bruno deserving of a comment by me and i'll give it to you right now. >>reporter: he said he thinks the delay is misunderstood. that all the facts have already come out in a damping cpuc report and any proposed settlement would indeed have a public hearing. >> justice might be done in this case 6 months sooner than it would be otherwise. then the engineers and safety professionals in those hearing rooms now consumed with this can go back in the field and focus on safety. >>reporter: morales would rather have the cross examination. >> part of the healing process is seeing justice. that's part of the healing process. and having everything, all information up front so that we all can make our own determination. >>reporter: administrative law judge will decide any day now whether to resume the hearings medley or let pg&e and the cpuc focus solely on penalty talks
9:35 pm
instead. this is 7 news. >> jolt tonight not caffeine from actualy. seattle base coffee chain has filed for bankruptcy. it's more than 3 and half million dollars in debt. actualy struggling with leases. costs. under performing stores and the long shadow of starbucks. fierce competitor. chain has 175 locations in 9 states including at least 10 in san francisco alone. they have a date with a bankruptcy june tomorrow. >> after a year american airlines remains under bankruptcy protection and continues to struggle. today the airline said it's cutting the flight schedule through the first half of november. this comes after american cancelled hundreds of flights in september and october. american first blamed its pilot for cancellation then faced with maintenance problems where the seats came loose in a number of cases as we reported you may have seen. that the airline insist the cut backs will not affect holiday travel. well our top story tonight was the vice-presidential debate. fiery affair. even
9:36 pm
though v p are only a heart beat away from being the leader of the free world, pundit say the office gets no real respec respect. here's jonathan karl. >> the vice president situation. 2 v p ended up on mount rush more. more than a dozen eventually became president. let's be candid. the office of vice president has usually been the danger field of american politic. >> no respect. no respect. >>reporter: look at the tv show veep. >> did the president call. >>reporter: she play as v p with almost nothing to do. not a new phenomenon. very first veep drama on the hbo series john adams put it best. >> i am vice president. yes and in this i am nothing. but i may everything. >>reporter: oe have been some d character in the office. vice president monroe no. 2 was of so drunk presiding over the
9:37 pm
senate that congress refused to pay his full salary. vice president quayle had real responsibilities. but he may best be remembered for this ill-fated spelling lesson. >> potato oyshtion at the 1992 v p days bait perot running mate may have unwittingly spoken for all v p. >> who am i? why am i hear? >>reporter: more recently have with more important. dick cheney so powerful that some actually thought he was pulling the strings in the oval office. >> i am as thrilled as is medically prudent for me to be to have been elected your new vice president. >>reporter: powerful or not, v p is still good for a few laughs. >> you are a great vice president. >> well, you know, some people say would i make a great president. all right. better than you even. >>reporter: january thon karl, abc news, danville, kentucky. >> it ace mav typically used to target foreign government. still to come. the feds set the sites on street gang routed
9:38 pm
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verizon. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. saesdz. >> disappointing news. a's just lost against the tigers. trying to stay alive they failed to do so. up fortunately they had a pretty good run at the end. giants did win today. they will advance to the national league play off series. more in sports coming up shortly. >> oil prices are higher as tension between turkey and syria raise new concerns that crude oil supply from the middle east could be disrupted. bench mark crude up 82 cents to close at 92 a barrel increase of 2 and a half percent so far this week. meanwhile syria is denying it but turkey satisfies plane intercepted on the way from moscow to damascas yesterday
9:42 pm
was carrying military equipment and ammunition to syria. the plane was allowed to continue to syria after several hours without the cargo which turkey says is still examining. and on the ground in northwest syria today. rebel apparently taken control of extra teen ick city along the main highway that connects to central city of palm and the capitol damascas. military said to be massing troop along the eastern outskirts for possible counter offensive. >> in yemen security official who worked for the u.s. embassy was gunned down on his way to work. officials in yemen say the unidentified man was assassinated by a gun man riding a motorcycle in the capitol here. victim worked for the embassy for nearly 20 years. officials are saying the attack bare the hall mark of al qaeda. tonight obama administration is going to
9:43 pm
extraordinary lengths to target a street gang. administration has listed ms 13 of central american street gang as international criminal organization. that designation allows federal agents to seize assets associated with the gang. the gang is believed to have as many as 10,000 members across the united states. in san francisco the gang is based at 20th and mission. ms 13 is considered one of the world most dangerous and violent gangs. it is known for being especially violent and responsible for many, many murders. well, more than one in 5 adults in the united states has a tattoo but recent out brick off tattoo related infor example cause for concern these days. michael with some important safety advice before getting inked. >>reporter: david beckham flaunts his tattoo in h and m commercial. fan web sit for celebrity like justin bieber
9:44 pm
and rihanna totally devoted to the singer tattoo and what they mean. big or small tattoo are now main stream. >> everybody comes in to get tattoo. tattoo a hedge fund manager a while ago. >>reporter: getting tattoo does pose health risk. the center for disease cell recen recently issued a report on tattoo related skin infection in several states caused by contaminated ink. consumer report medical advisor doctor says concerns go beyond skin infection. >> in many areas tattoo shops are completely unregulated so infection prevention practices can vary. that creates a risk for hiv and hepatitis. >>reporter: there are ways you can reduce your risk. >> surprised by how many patients tell me they were intoxicated when they got their tattoo. so it's important to keep a clear head. never drink before you ink. >>reporter: perry the 1 that
9:45 pm
got away video show cases another don't. home made tattoo. instead find an experienced tattoo artist and check that the artist uses individually packaged single use kits with disposable needle and tube and they wear sterile disposable gloves. remember tattoo aren't easily removed. >> you don't want to be stuck with something really ugly or down the line you are going regret. >>reporter: call county public health department to check outlining of tattoo artist and if you see any sign of a rash or infection, get to a doctor. 7 on your side. >> good advice. coming. newly discovered planet that could be discovered planet that could be a girl's best friendgxeñ
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>> do you get wet running or walking through the rain. this and other burning questions part of new exhibit san jose tech museum. tv show myth buster showing off the experiments disproving many commonly held be leave like which side hits the ground if you drop a slice of bread with one side butt erred. try to evade bullet or channel inner superman trying to change into a super hero in a phone booth. it's geared for kids but lake the show it also peak an adult curiosity. >> you will see a kid come up to the station and start experimenting and the adult sits there and kind of watches the child and then they are like wait a minute. okay i figured this out. get out of the way let me try it. >> one more test to try at the museum probably won't be able to do at home. i tried this as a kid once. didn't work out so well. opens on saturday at the tech museum in san jose. here's something else to ponde
9:50 pm
ponder. planet bling could be the newest planet in our solar system. scientist at yale university say they have discovered what they are calling a diamond planet. it's twice the size of earth and 40 light years away. according to the findings surface of the planet is likely covered if graph fight and diamond rather than water and granite. planet bling i like the name already. let's hope it's true. >> bling it on. this is time lapse view from the high definition east bay camera emeryville this afternoon. clouds traveling over the bay and all over the bay area throughout the day dreary lacking day but not very wet day and right now live doppler 7 hd not wet at all. still lots of cloud cover but no significant area of shower activity at the moment. sprinkle or 2 fog right now but nobody is measuring any ran fall right now. tomorrow state wide mainly dry day except for the extreme northern corner of the state up around eureka a where it's wet and rainy and
9:51 pm
southern california it's showering as the upper level low brought us unstable weather last couple days pushing through southern california tomorrow. bay area cloudy and perhaps even shower start early tomorrow morning. partly sunny in the afternoon but much caller than afternoon day high pressure only in the low to mid 60's for most of the bay area. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. start to warm-up a bit on saturday and a lot more on sunday. high pressure finally pushing back in the low 80's inland on sunday then mid upper 80's inland by the middle of the week. nice warm summer like week coming our way. >> thanks very much. >> sports director is bk and i guess we can so go giants at this point. >> well, i wish we could say go a but they are going home. both facing win or go home scenario and giants got it done. buster feeling grand. he hit that one to planet
9:52 pm
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detonation we talked about in vallejo. police still on the scene after blowing up something they found in evidence. live report o investigation. what it was they found. >> nobody remembers seeing anything like this. the giant eye literally that washed up on the beach. the question is who lost it? those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. isn't that wild. oceanographer looking for whale with an eye pad on. >> very good. >> radar fan. any way, the a's had the big come back last night with the tigers. they needed another come back tonight. detroit ace justin in total control. ace fans hoping to see more fireworks. but not to be. parker on the mound. top of the third. runner on second. jackson double off the wall. omar scores 1 nothing tigers. jackson ends up scoring. parker pitch gets past derek. ruled wild pitch. parker went 6 innings struck out 6 but ended one a loss. justin struck out 11 in game 1. once again just nasty. 11 for
9:56 pm
him again. tigers explode with 4 runs in the seventh. a little bloop single bases loaded. make it 6 nothing. he goes the sdachbilitys one of the best pitchers in the game. allowed 4 hits. no runs. smith representing the final out there and it is over. a's magical season comes to an end as the tigers advance to the american league championship series. post game reaction at 11:00 o'clock. yankees closing out series with the orioles. mccloud that is gone. his first homer of the series. and 1 nothing baltimore. bottom half of the innings. yankees jason. mccloud. to the wall and makes the catch. in front of the state farm sichbility yankees tied in the sixth. just like last night they went to extra. top 13. jj hardy.
9:57 pm
deep off the wall to score. manny and baltimore ties this series at 2 games a piece. 2-1 victory in 13 innings. earlier today the giants took care of the business. climbingut of a two game to none coffin winning final 3 games of the play off series with the reds. penn once again head cheer leader before the game. pitchers dual early on. one of the 5 strike out victims. 5th inning after a crawford rbi triple. boot the angel and scores 2 nothing giants. that was the big blow. buster mvp. grand slam giants erupt for 6 runs in the inning. take a 6 nothing lead only to see this back. ludwig. man. that guy is dangerous. in the fifth. solo shot. that was in the sixth. 6-3 game. runners at first second no outs. throws
9:58 pm
out bruce. striking him out throw him out double play. 7th inning. finally out. jeremy gets out of trouble. same deal in the eighth. 2 on again. oh. angel sliding catch to end the inning. move to the 9th. 6-4 game. 2 men on and romo gets scott swinging. he was pumped up. 6-4 final giants advance to the nl championship series 3 games-2. >> this was a hard fought game. we got up 6 runs. they kept coming back. i compliment the reds on how hard they fought back in that game and we barely hung on. >> you say to them i'm proud of them. proud they fought to the end. which they did. have to work a little harder this winter and if at this time will take awhile for this to heal. >>reporter: game 4 cardinals
9:59 pm
national giants face the winner of the series. 2nd inning adam here it comes and there it goe goes. 4 17 feet. second of the play offs. on top 1 nothing but cards tied in the third. bottom 9 jason worth. good night game over drive home safely. gave him 100 million dollars. 2-1 the final. washington forces game 5 tomorrow. nlcs begins sunday time place to be determined. if giants fan pulling for the cardinals better match up for the giants and giants have home field. a little hoop. if barns to the cup. 17 points. last check. another warrior draft pick. not then for his offense. with authority. fv say that again. he had 15. right now the warriors leading late in the fourth 100-94. >> long off season for you. >> it is. if. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news for larry


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